I earned a PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, an MA in journalism and an MFA in poetry from Syracuse University, where I lived and organized for more than 11 years. I believe deeply in teaching, organizing, and writing as collective efforts focused on transformative action. I work on the daily to think and act from a place of accountability, mutuality, and relationality. That is, I conceive of my work as  feminist anti-racist praxis—as a doingand our composing technologies as tools to create a free and just world. *I credit the term “community accountable” back to scholar-activist such as Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Eric Darnell Pritchard, Mia Mingus and INCITE! who urge us to think critically and inter-generationally about our shared community spaces in order to upend all forms of violence.

Click on images below to learn more about my work and feel free to reach out: yrodriguez@wcupa.edu